Khmer popular skin coining, cupping, and pinching can expel wind illness

Kjal is spelled the way how Cambodian people say it, while other sources may spell it in following the actual word as Kha-yal or Khyal meaning wind. Skin coining (Kos Kjal), cupping (Choob Kjal) and pinching (Chab Kjal) are all related to wind illness. The functions and purposes of these treatments are pretty much theContinue reading “Khmer popular skin coining, cupping, and pinching can expel wind illness”

Which moisturiser should I use for combination skin?

(Khmer text below) It took me years to actually find the right moisturisers for my skin. I am in combination skin type, and I’ve tried lots of moisturisers on markets and professional products ranging from different skin types – oily, dry, normal and combination. I’ve consulted professional therapists, and it still doesn’t work at all.Continue reading “Which moisturiser should I use for combination skin?”

Cocktail Serums

I love cocktails – both wine and serums. When I say cocktails, you definitely think of a combination and you’re right. Cocktail serums are simply combination of any serums. It’s hard to pick one serum to fit all concerns for the skin, and time consuming for easy application. I personally use more than 3 serumsContinue reading “Cocktail Serums”