Shocking truth about homemade cocktail creams/lotions

In my earlier post, I mentioned about my favourite serums I usually call it as cocktail serums, which can mixed 2 or 3 together to achieve maximum result. Honestly, depending on the day, I either apply one after another or simply mix on palms or fingertips then tap straight into my face. If you wantContinue reading “Shocking truth about homemade cocktail creams/lotions”

3 reasons why Khmer traditional costumes always require hip boosters

It’s not surprising for women to put on impressive dresses or clothes showing off beautiful curve of body with outstanding expectations. To achieve the dream look, some of them prefer putting hip boosters (or hip support panties) to boost confidence and extra attention. Thus, how often and common women use it? For Khmer women, hipContinue reading “3 reasons why Khmer traditional costumes always require hip boosters”

Khmer popular skin coining, cupping, and pinching can expel wind illness

Kjal is spelled the way how Cambodian people say it, while other sources may spell it in following the actual word as Kha-yal or Khyal meaning wind. Skin coining (Kos Kjal), cupping (Choob Kjal) and pinching (Chab Kjal) are all related to wind illness. The functions and purposes of these treatments are pretty much theContinue reading “Khmer popular skin coining, cupping, and pinching can expel wind illness”

Tampons or Pads???

Hey, ladies!!! I just wanna share you all about our feminine moments we all experience but don’t normally talk about it. Back in Cambodia in my generation, pads were so popular and until now I believe it still is. I’ve used it for about 20 years before I started using tampons. Now I am aContinue reading “Tampons or Pads???”

Was Brazilian from Brazil?

(អក្សរខ្មែរនៅខាងក្រោម) No wonder hair removal is not a new topic at all as it started thousands and thousands years ago. In Beauty definition, Brazilian refers to the hair (removal) on the private area. Its first international popularity was waxing and that’s how the name was first known to the world. It’s even more interesting thatContinue reading “Was Brazilian from Brazil?”