Why does Male Brazilian treatment cost more than Female Brazilian?

This question pops up to me when I advise male clients for their Brazilian prices. It’s pretty shocking compared female Brazilian price. For example, if female Brazilian costs $59, male Brazilian might cost around $159 – yeah, triple price. And what are the reasons why behind this???

No exact company policy that I know of would address the reasons why. To my assumption I’ve been working in beauty industry, specifically laser hair removal, I may explain to male clients the differences prices due to:

  • Male Brazilian is not very common (though there is significant increase recently) compared to majority number of female. According to Independent, male would prefer female or their partner to have womanscaping, to manscaping concept of themselves.
  • Plus, Hairallwomenstalk mentions male hair is thicker and grow faster than female hair.
  • Therapists herself have the right to reject to not treat male Brazilian if they are not comfortable. In term of saying that, therapists come from different backgrounds – some with conservative cultures which Brazilian area of male client is (kinda) against their culture or customs. Thus, clients need to pay more to get therapists who are able to treat.

How do you charge Brazilian for ladyboys or transgender clients?

This question is quite tricky. However, (theoretically based on company’s policy) to make it fair and clear to client is explaining them that price will be charged depending on physical appearance, BUT if you were lucky enough, you’d meet therapist who would just charge you for female Brazilian (and this may apply to those who also have less hair or light hair growth).

I hope these explanations may help clear doubt to those wanting to have their male Brazilian done.

Bamboo Shoot Myths

‘Don’t eat bamboo shoot because it will cause dangerous disease’

‘Don’t consume bamboo shoot! It will make the wounds worse.’

‘It’s definitely a NO for pregnant women.’

Since I was growing up, the myths around bamboo shoot become so popular. I also bet it remains till now. I love eating bamboo shoot (but not pickled ones), especially in a soup. The reasons why there are myths around bamboo shoot is due to the poisoning of Hydrocanic Acid.

Is it safe to eat bamboo shoot?

Yes it is safe if you know how to cook it well. You can’t consume it raw as it contain Hydrocyanic Acid that cause cyanide poisoning. Don’t consume it raw, know whether you are a suitable candidate to eat them. Don’t worry about canned varieties – they have been detoxified without further cooking.

IT’S ONLY ALLERGIC TO SENSITISED PEOPLE. Like nut, to some sensitive people, bamboo can give them allergic reaction that may bring dermatitis.


According to Wellnessbin,

  • It help losing weight as it contains 27 calories in 100g per serve.
  • It contain high fibre to help digestive and cholesterol issues.
  • It riches in Vitamin B helping cellular enzymatic and metabolic activities.
  • It riches in minerals like iron, copper, potassium and magnesium assisting cellular activity and respiration.

There is no definite research saying bamboo shoot can cause any other type of side effects yet, but best to keep in mind that you can best eat it cooked and/or detoxified.

TEMPLE and PAGODA differences

These two words are the common words for people from Asia, particularly Cambodia and Vietnam. They mean similarly almost the same but refer to different things. In the straight meaning, temple is explained as a building devoted to worship of god while pagoda means a Hindu or Buddhist temple, typically in the form of many tier temple. In a clear context of Cambodia, temples are pretty much referred to any worshipped places for ancestors, gods and kings but is more likely addressed as heritage buildings; for example, Angkor Wat Temple or Bayon Temple.

Meanwhile, pagoda simply refers to a place where the Buddhist monks stay or live in and also where people can pray for their ancestors. You can also find it almost anywhere throughout the country. Ounalorm and Monhamontrey Pagodas are ones of the popular pagodas based in capital of Phnom Penh.

In contrast, since I came to Australia, I was so surprised how people address pagoda as temple. It’s hard for me to clearly distinguish between these two word as it’s used differently. Unlike Asia, there are more churches than temple or pagoda. Asian temples in Australia are pretty much praying and community places for each culture, but not in the way I would address as heritage buildings like Angkor Wat at all. In my opinion, I am not sure if other Asian temples in Australia calling praying building as temple, but whenever you are talking to Australians, either born or raised in Australia, they understand temple as pagoda. I have also tried surfing Internet, the term ‘Temple’ is common in Australia, in opposition to Cambodia, where the term ‘Pagoda’ is popular. In that sense, WHEN YOU ARE IN AUSTRALIA, DO AS THE AUSTRALIANS DO, and WHEN YOU ARE IN CAMBODIA, JUST DO AS CAMBODIANS DO. By doing that, you won’t get wrong!

Kick 2020 out and welcome 2021

I know 2020 has really reaalllyyy a tough year for everyone. Some people lost their jobs, loved ones and businesses have crawled so hardly. It’s not the year that we want to face – the most depressing year ever!!!! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been through this – losing my dad during pandemic (not because of Corona virus) , unable to attend his funeral or giving him a hug for final goodbye, and getting stuck in the longest lockdown state ever.

Source: makeameme.org

Thankfully we are allowed to be out for new year celebration safely though it’s not like a normal festive one. At least I am able to travel local away from quiet city to take deep breaths with fresh air with nature. Now we all are looking for better and nicer things ahead. I wish you all the best – better dream and plans, being nicer to yourself and others and all positive things happen to you!

How much painful will you expect to tolerate when deciding to do laser treatment?

I get this common question a lot from those who have never done laser. Though some clients may have experienced doing waxing before, they are still kind of getting nervous about getting laser done. And of course, some clients are getting sweat before the treatment starts. Well, to some clients, the word ‘laser’ itself sounds serious, doesn’t it?. You might think of Laser cutter, laser machine used by doctors and specialists. That’s also how I felt when I first started my treatment. You are nervous! You don’t know whether you do it or tolerate the pain! But trust me! It’s not serious or too bad as you think it would be! Let’s say most people are doing it and all you want is to see the better result.

All I can express the pain in words to my clients is you are gonna feel like a rubber band flicking on your skin (just with the heat) or it can be expressed as insect-bite pain. In addition to that, the pain can vary from one person to another depending on their pain tolerance and areas of sensitivity. According to Healthline, underarms are one of the most sensitive areas when receiving treatment. It doesn’t have to be left or right as people may feel it differently. In the Teenvogue website, each area has been described by rating number which is quite predictable for first-time clients.

It’s also hard to expect from the first treatment what the pain is like as the hair is in fully grown stage. The pain can gradually decrease from time to time as the hairs grow less or patchy, plus you know what to expect after the first treatment. To those who have a very pain tolerance, if the first few treatments won’t help you much, you can take Panadol a few hours before treatment. However, avoid using numb cream because it restricts and slows the skin response to the laser which is hard for therapist to predict the good endpoints from the skin. Moreover, there are also extra conditions that simply give more sensitivity to the skin when doing laser such as: having hormonal period, body temperature, taking certain medication and individual’s pain tolerance level.

I hope this will help to open up an idea to those who consider doing laser for their first time.

Cambodian Raw Hair – Best Bone Straight Hair

I’ve been talking a lot about skin beauty, so now let’s have a talk about hair! It’s been quite popular lately about hair extensions and wigs. Have you ever known about hair extensions (or wigs) and thought of trying it before? If so, how well do you know about hair extensions origin?

To be honest, I’ve never tried hair extension or wig either. However, hair health is all I want to know about as my hair is not quite healthy and find it hard to grow long. I’ve been thinking of having hair extension and doing some research about it. The new terms I learnt about this are Raw Hair and Virgin hair. If you happen to look for hair extension, you should know the quality of that to keep it as your own hair. According to Klaiyihair, the Raw hair refers to the best quality of pure unprocessed hair from the same donor, which hasn’t been chemically processed by steam or chemical treatments. The cuticle of the hair is aligned and comes in 3 textures: straight, wavy and curly. On the other hand, Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed hair which comes from a single donor. It is steamed to achieve different textures of hair styles: Peruvian hair (coarser, thicker and durable), Malaysian hair (heavier, softer, silkier), Brazilian hair (light, shiny, silky), Indian hair (easy to style and elastic), and much more.

You can find any hair extensions or wigs from any where, pretty much in Asia, but Dellahhair recommends the best Cambodian raw hair for its best bone straight hair. Unlike other hairs, Cambodian hair texture is unique for its smoothness, straightness, and untangle hair; especially it suits and blends so well in almost all hair types. It’s also known for holding curls very well in humid weather.

It’s good to worth a try and see which textures and hair types suit your preferences and please let me know how it works for you!

Breast implants and breastfeeding

It’s quite a popular but controversial topic of having a nice pair of breast (with breast implants) and decision to breastfeed after birth. A number of women with cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation, is sought after in USA, Brazil and China. In Australia in 2017, it was approximately 20,000 women underwent the breast augmentation.

Can women with breast implants be able to breastfeed? Yes, they can as the surgery won’t affect the ducts or the areas where the milk produces, including the nipples and areola. It’s pretty much placed behind milk glands or chest muscles. It can be possible depending on some factors such as the type of implant, the placement of implant and the way surgery was done.

What would happen to breastfeed when a mother has breast implant? Though there is no proven evidence of side effects but some possible risks may happen:

  • Possibility of maintenance in either corrections or removal
  • Change in breast and nipples sensation
  • Breast pain
  • Rupture of implant
  • Capsular contracture, which occurs when scar tissues forms around the implants causing squeezing

Does the milk supply from those with breast implants the same as that from those with natural breast? No, it may limit and compress milk supply.

Is it dangerous to breastfeed with breast implants? There is no enough evidence proving about side effects of breastfeed while having breast implant. All we know is that silicone devices in the body can potentially trigger inflammation and health issues.

What if breast implant leak into breast milk? There are two types of implants – saline and silicones. If saline leaks into breast milk, it won’t affect mother or baby. However, if silicones leaks into break milk, they are dangerous as it’s made from plastic.

If you have breast implants and consider breastfeeding, please consult your doctor or expert, you may be eligible to do so by having proper baby latching, breastfeeding often, and empty breast regularly.

Does negative blood test result means positive marriage approval???

Believe me or not? My now husband was so surprised when I talked about blood test before marriage, and he responded ‘What a weirdest thing I have come up with’. Having blood test before marriage has never been a law or custom for Cambodia at all. However, this norm started in 1991 since HIV first detected in Cambodia. A different story was told when I was young that it started when UNTAC stepped into Cambodia. It was an economic boom conditions resulting from the stability following Paris Accords 1991.

HIV/AIDS in Cambodia: HIV and AIDS are easily confusing as they always go together. To make it clear, HIV is virus and AIDS is a condition. While Cambodia is known as the country with highest infection rate of HIV/AIDS in Asia with an estimation of 20,000 of AIDS death and 180,000 of HIV infection. It increased steadily from 1991 to 1998 by 2 percent. The main causes to this epidemic are the low income society experience rapid growth and the particular sexual behaviour patterns. Though the HIV/AIDS rate continue decreasing until recent (with preventions and education) but the number in data tend to remain high.

Family is considered as foundation. We Khmer value so much on family, and we strongly attach to our extended family members, closed neighbours and friends. Each person commonly has certain lifelong expections including roles and responsibilities toward family. ‘REAP BEFORE YOU SOW’ also known in Khmer as ‘TVER SRAE OY MERL SMAO, TOK DAK KON CHAO OY MERL PAO SANDAN’ is commonly popular proverb that is quite practical among elderly people to cautiously look into their children’s future partners in order to avoid any disappointments in relationship. The elders will look at their children’s partner’s behaviour, responsibilities, and family history.

The blood test is not only done to check just HIV/AIDS but also Tuberculosis (TB) or Hep. A and B. After children’s partners are thoroughly pass all elders’ criteria, they will be asked to do blood testing. Therefore, since 1991 onward, negative blood test result means you are passing the final stage of proposal and ready to get marriage approval.

Until today, the blood test may be optional to some families. Therefore, don’t be surprised in case you propose to one of any Khmer ladies and will be asked to do blood test. I don’t think now people will strictly adhere this sort of norm anymore, and hopefully Covid won’t make a new norm to marriage approval.

Contraception shouldn’t be just a knowledge for married women.


Contraception shouldn’t be a topic for only married women talk about, it should be for everyone including girl teens. If contraception isn’t included in curriculum, it should be a topic within mother-daughter or father-son conversation as a part of life knowledge. In Cambodia, there might be no sex education due to the strict tradition toward virginity value and value of women’s rules, but in school curriculum, the reproductive health has been added in. As sex education can now publicly and secretly travel faster in any ways than contraception education, to my view, all teens, especially girl teens should be taught to familiarise of this. Yes, it may sound awkward and uncomfortable to parents, but the accurate information of this type of topic can lead to reduction of unhealthy relationship, unwanted sex from sexual assaults, unplanned pregnancy or getting STIs (Sexually Transmissible Infection). Every contraception does have its pros and cons, but it’s better planned ahead than regret. There is a wide range of contraceptions to choose from and to suit their bodies and lifestyles, but the most popular modern contraceptive methods in Cambodia are pills and injection. In this post, I’m gonna show you briefly the pros and cons of available contraceptions in Cambodia, and hopefully these reaches to teenagers, both in urban and rural areas to familiarise about it. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I’m encouraging teens for sex, but it’s encouraging knowledge for teens’ protection and decision, just in case they may be facing sexual assaults or accidentally involving in secret sex which end up being young parents or having abortion.

Popular pills and injections for birth control. Source: CDHS


They are the only most common methods of birth control and prevention of STIs (Sexually Transmissible Infection). They are available in both male and female versions. Female condoms may be not only as effective as the male ones but it’s also taking time to practice and getting used to them.


Where it is applied: female condoms are internally inserted inside the vagina while male ones are externally insert on top of the penis.

Where to find: it’s over-the-counter at pharmacies and supermarkets, or healthcare NGO like Marie Stopes.

Duration: it’s only safe if everytime the condom use doesn’t have any leakage or it’s been used correctly.

Pros: it’s hormone free, easy to use on demand and carry with you anytime. The best thing about it is prevention of STIs.

Cons: it can be easily torn off if not used properly. It contains Latex which is the ingredient some people may be allergic to.

Oral contraceptive pills

Where it is applied: it’s a tablet taking each day and everyday.

Where to find: generally it’s prescribed but In Cambodia, you can buy without prescription at pharmacies, or for safety, it’s good to consult with healthcare experts – Marie Stopes or any women health clinics.

Duration: it’s only effective if you take it regularly.

Pros: it’s highly effective if used correctly. It won’t only interrupt sex, but it may also reduce heavy period pain and give positive effects on hormonal acne.

Cons: if you forget to take it, you still have more chances to get pregnant. These pills are not suitable for those who can’t take oestrogen-containing contraception.

The contraceptive injection

Where it is applied: it commonly injects on the upper arms by trained healthcare providers.

Where to find: you can find at Marie Stopes or Anna Women-Baby’s Centre.

Duration: it lasts for 3 months.

Pros: it’s effective and won’t interrupt sex.

Cons: it may bring disrupted period or irregular bleeding. Be mindful about the time you will need to have the next injection. If there is a gap of injection, there is a chance for pregnancy.

The contraceptive implant

Where it is applied: it is inserted in the upper arms by trained healthcare providers.

Where to find: you can find at Marie Stopes and Anna Women-Baby’s Centre.

Duration: it lasts for 3 years.

Pros: it’s highly effective, and long-lasting. It won’t also affect sex, either.

Cons: it causes irregular bleeding, and required trained healthcare provider to do insertion and removal.

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

Where it is applied: it’s fitted inside women’s uterus by trained healthcare providers.

Where to find: you can find at NGOs like Marie Stopes and Anna Women-Baby’s Centre.

Duration: it lasts between 3 to 10 years depending on the type (either progesterone hormone or plastic and copper)

Pros: the copper ones are 99% effective and the hormone ones are 99.8% effective, which are also long-lasting contraceptions. The good thing about it is it can be used as an emergency contraception within 5 days (120 hours) of unprotected sex.

Cons: it can lead to irregular bleeding or spotting for the first six months of use. It’s only safe to be done by trained healthcare provider for insertion and removal.

Birth control patch

Where it is applied: you can apply on buttocks, upper outer arms, lower abdomen or upper body, except breast areas or where it will be rubbed.

Duration: 1 new patch lasts 7 days (a week) and if 3 patches are used consistently and change weekly, the users can skip on 4th week without having pregnancy.

Where to find: it can be found at Anna Women-Baby’s Centre.

Pros: it’s a good option for young grown-up girls (teens).

Cons: it’s not suitable for women who are over 35 years-old, smokers, weighed over 198 pounds, or those who prone to blood clots, have had breast or uterus cancer, or take drugs for epilepsy. Not all women have problems, but you may experience nausea, headaches, rashes, tender breasts, mood changes and menstrual cramps.


Female and male surgery sterilisation

It’s the last choice for both men and women who consider to end their pregnant chances permanently.

Where to find: you can access Marie Stopes for process and procedure consultation and treatment.

Pros: it is highly effective without affecting sex, hormone free, and lasts forever.

Cons: consider throughly before going to this surgery as you can’t change your mind.

Source: WHO

ការពន្យាកំណើតមិនមែនគួរតែជាប្រធានបទសម្រាប់តែស្រ្តីរៀបការរួចហើយនិយាយអំពីទេ តែវាជាគួរតែជារឿងដែលមនុស្សគ្រប់រូបគួរយល់ដឹង រួមទាំងយុវនារី។ បើការពន្យាកំណើតមិនបានបញ្ចូលក្នុងកម្មវិធីសិក្សាទេ វាគួរតែជាប្រធានបទរវាងកិច្ចសន្ទនារវាងម្តាយនិងកូន រឺ ឳពុកនិងកូនជាផ្នែកមួយនៃចំណេះដឹងជីវិត។ នៅកម្ពុជា មិនមានចំណេះដឹងទាក់ទងនឹងផ្លូវភេទនោះទេ ដោយសារការអោយតំលៃលើភាពបរិសុទ្ធ និង តំលៃច្បាប់ស្រី តែសុខភាព/មេរៀននៃការបន្តពូជបានបញ្ចូលក្នុងកម្មវិធីសិក្សារួចហើយ។ ចំណេះដឹងផ្លូវភេទបច្ចុប្បន្នអាចនឹងសាយភាយជាសាធារណៈនិងជាសំងាត់តាមគ្រប់វិធីលឿនជាងចំណេះដឹងការពន្យាកំណើត ដូច្នេះតាមការយល់ឃើញរបស់ខ្ញុំ គ្រប់យុវវ័យ ជាពិសេសយុវនារី គួរតែត្រូវមានអ្នកអប់រំអោយមានការយល់ដឹងអំពីរឿងនេះ។ ត្រឹមត្រូវហើយ រឿងនេះស្តាប់ទៅគួរអោយឆ្គង និង មិនគួរនិយាយចេញមកសោះសម្រាប់ឳពុកម្តាយ តែពត៌មានដែលច្បាស់លាស់នៃរឿងប្រភេទនេះ អាចជួយកាត់បន្ថយនៃការមានទំនាក់ទំនងដែលមិនល្អ ការរួមភេទដែលមិននារីមិនចង់បានដោយការរំលោភលើផ្លូវភេទ ការរួមភេទដោយមិនចង់មានកូន រឺការចម្លងមេរោគផ្លូវភេទ។ រាល់ការពន្យាកំណើតតែងមានគុណសម្បត្តិ និងគុណវិបត្តិខ្លះៗ ប៉ុន្តែការពារប្រសើរជាងព្យាបាល។ ការពន្យាកំណើតមានទម្រង់ច្រើនប្រភេទ ហើយអ្នកប្រើអាចជ្រើសរើសបានទៅតាមរូបរាង និង របៀបនៃការរស់នៅរបស់គេបាន ហើយការពន្យាកំណើតដែលពេញនិយមជាងគេនៅកម្ពុជាគឺ ការលេបថ្នាំ និង ការចាក់ថ្នាំ។ នៅក្នុងផុសនេះ ខ្ញុំនឹងបង្ហាញយ៉ាងសង្ខេបអំពីគុណសម្បត្តិ និង គុណវិបត្តិនៃការពន្យាកំណើតដែលមាននៅប្រទេសយើង។ ខ្ញុំក៏សង្ឃឹមថា ការចែករំលែកនេះនឹងបានសាយភាយទៅដល់យុវវ័យទាំងក្នុងក្រុង និង ជនបទដើម្បីអោយមានការយល់ដឹងអំពីវាខ្លះ។ សូមកុំយល់ច្រលំថា វាជាការលើកទឹកចិត្តជម្រុញអោយមានការរួមភេទរវាងយុវវ័យនោះទេ តែវាជាចណេះដឹងជម្រុញការការពារ និង ការសម្រេចចិត្តរបស់យុវវ័យ ក្នុងករណីមានការរំលោភបៀតបៀនផ្លូវភេទ រឺ ការរួមភេទជាសំងាត់ដែលអាចនាំមកនូវការក្លាយជាឳពុកម្តាយទាំងវ័យក្មេង រឺមានការយកកូនចេញ។


ស្រោមអនាម័យជាប្រភេទការពន្យាកំណើតដែលពេញនិយម និង តែមួយគត់ដែលជួយការពារមេរោគចម្លងផ្លូវភេទ។ វាមានជាប្រភេទស្រី និង ប្រុស។ ស្រោមអនាម័យស្រីមិនសូវមានប្រសិទ្ធភាពខ្លាំងដូចស្រោមអនាម័យប្រុសទេ ហើយវាក៏ចំណាយពេលផ្សាំក្នុងការអនុវត្តន៍ដែរ។

របៀបប្រើ៖ ស្រោមអនាម័យស្រី គេប្រើដាក់នៅក្នុងទ្វារមាសស្រ្តី និង ស្រោមអនាម័យប្រុស គេប្រើដាក់នៅពីលើលឹង្គបុរស។

កន្លែងដែលអាចរកបាន៖ តាមបណ្តាគ្រឹះស្ថានឪសថស្ថាន ផ្សារទំនើប រឺ អង្គការក្រៅរដ្ឋាភិបាលដូចជា Marie Stopes។

កំឡុងពេល៖ មានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពរៀងរាល់ពេលដែលប្រើប្រាស់បានត្រឹមត្រូវ។

គុណសម្បត្តិ៖ វាមិនធ្វើអោយប៉ះពាល់អរម៉ូន ងាយស្រួលប្រើប្រាស់តាមតម្រូវការ និង ដាក់តាមខ្លួនបានគ្រប់ពេលវេលា។ អ្វីដែលល្អបំផុតអំពីវាគឺវាអាចការពារពីការចម្លងមេរោគផ្លូវភេទបាន។

គុណវិបត្តិ៖ វាអាចនឹងងាយរហែកបើប្រើប្រាស់មិនបានត្រឹមត្រូវ ហើយវាក៏មានជាតិ Latex ដែលមនុស្សមួយចំនួនងាយនឹងប្រតិកម្មដែរ។


របៀបប្រើ៖ វាជាប្រភេទថ្នាំគ្រាប់សម្រាប់លេបមួយថ្ងៃម្តងរៀងរាល់ថ្ងៃ។

កន្លែងដែលអាចរកបាន៖ តាមធម្មតា ថ្នាំប្រភេទនេះអាចទិញដោយមានវេជ្ជបញ្ជា តែនៅកម្ពុជា អ្នកអាចរកទិញបានដោយគ្មានវេជ្ជបញ្ជាតាមបណ្តាគ្រឹះស្ថានឪសថស្ថាន ផ្សារទំនើប រឺ អង្គការក្រៅរដ្ឋាភិបាលដូចជា Marie Stopes រឺ សម្ភពខាងស្រី្តនានា។

កំឡុងពេល៖ មានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពតែនៅពេលដែលអ្នកលេបទៀងទាត់និងត្រឹមត្រូវ។

គុណសម្បត្តិ៖ វាមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពខ្ពស់ក្នុងការការពារ មិនប៉ះពាល់ដល់ការរួមភេទ អាចកាត់បន្ថយការឈឺចាប់ពេលមករដូវច្រើន និង មានផលវិជ្ជមានចំពោះអ្នកមានមុនអរម៉ូន។

គុណវិបត្តិ៖ ប្រសិនបើអ្នកភ្លេចលេប នោះឪកាសមានផ្ទៃពោះនឹងងាយកើតមាន ហើយវាអាចនឹងប្រតិកម្មជាមួយនឹងមនុស្សមួយចំនួនដែលប្រើការពន្យាដែលមាន oestrogen។


របៀបប្រើ៖ ជាទូទៅ គេច្រើនចាក់វានៅដើមដៃ ដោយអ្នកឯកទេស។

កន្លែងដែលអាចរកបាន៖ អ្នកអាចរកបាននៅ Marie Stopes រឺ Anna Women-Baby’s Centre រឺគ្លីនិកខាងសម្ភពស្រ្តី។

កំឡុងពេល៖ វាមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពរយៈពេល 3 ខែរឺ 12 អាទិត្យ។

គុណសម្បត្តិ៖ វាមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពខ្ពស់ក្នុងការការពារ និង មិនប៉ះពាល់ដល់ការរួមភេទ។

គុណវិបត្តិ៖ វាអាចធ្វើអោយការមករដូវមានភាពរអាក់រអួល ហើយត្រូវចាំអំពីពេលដែលត្រូវចាក់បន្ទាប់។ បើមានចន្លោះពេលរវាងការការចាក់ថ្នាំ ក៏វាជាឪកាសនៃការមានផ្ទៃពោះដែរ។


របៀបប្រើ៖ ជាទូទៅ គេច្រើនចាក់វានៅដើមដៃ ដោយអ្នកឯកទេស។

កន្លែងដែលអាចរកបាន៖ អ្នកអាចរកបាននៅ Marie Stopes រឺ Anna Women-Baby’s Centre ។

កំឡុងពេល៖ វាមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពរយៈពេល 3 ឆ្នាំ។

គុណសម្បត្តិ៖ វាមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពខ្ពស់ក្នុងការការពាររយៈពេលយូរ និង មិនប៉ះពាល់ដល់ការរួមភេទ។

គុណវិបត្តិ៖ វាអាចធ្វើអោយការមករដូវមិនទៀងទាត់ ហើយទាមទារឲ្យអ្នកឯកទេសជាអ្នកធ្វើការស៊កចូលរឺដកចេញ។


របៀបប្រើ៖ ជាទូទៅ គេច្រើនដាក់វានៅក្នុងដៃស្បូនស្រ្តីដោយអ្នកឯកទេស។

កន្លែងដែលអាចរកបាន៖ អ្នកអាចរកបាននៅ Marie Stopes រឺ Anna Women-Baby’s Centre ។

កំឡុងពេល៖ វាមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពរយៈពេល 3 ឆ្នាំ ទៅ 10 ឆ្នាំទៅតាមប្រភេទ (មានពីរប្រភេទ៖ មួយធ្វើពីប្រភេទអរម៉ូន progesterone និង មួយទៀតធ្វើពីទង់ដែង និង ផ្លាស្ទិក)។

គុណសម្បត្តិ៖ ប្រភេទទង់ដែងមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពដល់ទៅ 99% និង ប្រភេទអរម៉ូនមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពដល់ទៅ 99.8% ក្នុងការការពាររយៈពេលយូរនិង មិនប៉ះពាល់ដល់ការរួមភេទ និង មានរយៈពេលការពារបានយូរ ជាពិសេសគេអាចប្រើវាជាប្រភេទការពន្យាកំណើតបន្ទាន់ក្នុងចន្លោះពេល 5 ថ្ងៃ (120 ម៉ោង) នៃការរួមភេទដែលមិនបានការពារ។

គុណវិបត្តិ៖ វាអាចធ្វើអោយការមករដូវមិនទៀងទាត់ហើយមកដុំៗនៃរយៈពេល 6 ខែដំបូង ហើយទាមទារឲ្យអ្នកឯកទេសជាអ្នកធ្វើការស៊កចូលរឺដកចេញ។


របៀបប្រើ៖ អ្នកអាចបិទនៅគូថ ដើមដៃខាងក្រៅ ក្បាលពោះខាងក្រោម រឺ តួខ្លួនខាងលើ លើកលែងតែកន្លែងសុដន់ រឺកន្លែងណាដែលងាយនឹងត្រដុស ដូចជា អាវទ្រនាប់។

កន្លែងដែលអាចរកបាន៖ អ្នកអាចរកបាននៅ Anna Women-Baby’s Centre ។

កំឡុងពេល៖ មួយបន្ទះបិទមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពរយៈពេល 7ថ្ងៃ រឺ មួយអាទិត្យ ហើយត្រូវបិទ និង ផ្លាស់ប្តូរជារៀងរាល់អាទិត្យ តែបើអ្នកប្តូរបាន3បន្ទះសម្រាប់រយៈពេល ៣ អាទិត្យជាប់គ្នា អ្នកអាចរំលងអាទិត្យទី4 ដោយគ្មានបញ្ហា។

គុណសម្បត្តិ៖ វាជាជម្រើសដ៏ល្អសម្រាប់ក្មេងស្រីជំទង់។

គុណវិបត្តិ៖ វាមិនអាចប្រើប្រាស់គ្រប់គ្នាទេ ជាពិសេសមនុស្សស្រីដែលមានវ័យលើសពី 35 ឆ្នាំ ជក់បារី មានទម្ងន់លើសពី 198 ផោន រឺ មានបញ្ហាឈាមបត់ មហារីកសុដន់ រឺស្បូន រឺ អ្នកមានបញ្ហាកន្រ្តាក់។ មិនមែនគ្រប់ស្រ្តីសុទ្ធតែមានបញ្ហានោះទេ តែអ្នកប្រើអាចប្រឈមនឹងការក្អួតចង្អោរ ឈឺក្បាល រមាស់ជុំវិញកន្លែងបិទ អារម្មរណ៍ឆាប់ផ្លាស់ប្តូរ និង ការឈឺចុកចាប់ពេលមានរដូវ។

ការវះកាត់ផ្តាច់មេជីវិត និង ការចងស្បូន

វាជាជម្រើសចុងក្រោយសម្រាប់មនុស្សប្រុស រឺ មនុស្សស្រីណាដែលចង់បញ្ចប់ការមានកូនជាអចិន្រ្តៃយ៍។

កន្លែងដែលអាចរកបាន៖ អ្នកអាចរកបាននៅ Marie Stopes សម្រាប់ការពិគ្រោះយោបល់ និង ការវះកាត់ព្យាបាល។

គុណសម្បត្តិ៖ វាមានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពជានិរន្ត។

គុណវិបត្តិ៖ បើអ្នកសម្រេចចិត្តធ្វើវាហើយ អ្នកមិនអាចប្តូរចិត្តបានវិញទេ។

Lives would be a lot easier if boys did so! ជីវិតប្រហែលជាងាយស្រួលជាងនេះ ប្រសិនបើមនុស្សប្រុសធ្វើរឿងអស់នេះ!


If you think girls are better at multitasking than boys, then you are wrong. No one is good at multitasking.

Don’t just say I can’t find it: do the search, just like you search for thieves or rivals in the games.

Don’t complain that girls is like FBI: that’s because you train her at home by frequent saying ‘I can’t find it’ or it may be because she surprisingly feels weird if you acts suspicious or different.

Don’t complain that girls are talking too much if you know HOW to always put things back to exactly where they were and the origins they were in. Just make sure you put all the ingredients you pull out back to its spots after cooking, put dirty clothes in the right basket after wearing, or even put the dirty dishes right in the sink after eating. How simple and easy is that!

Don’t complain girls are taking too much time prepping before going out: if you want to have beautiful girl walking next to or accompanying you. Boys wouldn’t want messy ones, either, so just let her know the time to set off; that’s it.

Don’t complain why your wife is not now wearing makeup after having kids: if you only wake up and dress yourself up alone, you are not helpful enough to share responsibilities as husband and treating her good enough as a princess like before.

Don’t say I’m a man (just because you can’t just find or do things in the house), if you don’t wanna hear her annoyingly non-stop talking (because she is a woman).

Don’t say girls don’t do anything at home: if you don’t help cooking or cleaning the house. At least they don’t charge you for household chores including looking after kids.

Be honest with her from the start! Don’t say you love her if you are secretly or publicly intending or having someone else. If you are dating a new one, clear your relationship or marriage contract first before starting another one.

Don’t say educated girls are looking down on low or uneducated boys. That’s not true if you are capable and responsible for her or family.

Don’t say your wife has changed, even her body shape after having kid. Keep in mind that you are the reason.

បើអ្នកគិតថាមនុស្សស្រីសុទ្ធតែពូកែខាងធ្វើការងារច្រើនក្នុងពេលតែមួយជាងមនុស្សប្រុស ចឹងអ្នកគិតខុសហើយ។ គ្មាននរណាម្នាក់ដែលល្អឥតខ្ចោះអារឿងហ្នឹងទេ។

កុំនិយាយថា ‘បងរកវាមិនឃើញទេ៖ ព្យាយាមរកវា ដូចដែលអ្នករកចោរ និង សត្រូវនៅក្នុងហ្គេមចឹង។

កុំរអ៊ូថាមនុស្សស្រីដូចប៉ូលីស FBI៖ មកពីអ្នកបង្រៀននាងនៅផ្ទះដោយនិយាយថា ’បងរកវាមិនឃើញទេ’ រឺ មកពីអ្នកធ្វើអ្វីដែលចំលែក និង គួរអោយសង្ស័យខុសពីធម្មតា ទើបធ្វើអោយនាងមានអារម្មណ៍ភ្ញាក់ចំលែកក្នុងចិត្ត។

កុំរអ៊ូថាមនុស្សស្រីនិយាយច្រើន បើសិនអ្នកជាមនុស្សប្រុសដឹងពីរបៀបទុកដាក់របស់របរអោយចំកន្លែងវិញ រឺ ទុកអោយត្រូវនឹងភាពដើមរបស់វាវិញ។ គ្រាន់តែចាំថាអ្នកយកគ្រឿងផ្សំទុកដាក់អោយចំកន្លែងបន្ទាប់ពីដាំស្លហើយ ដោះខោអាវប្រឡាក់ទុកអោយចំកន្រ្តកខោអាវប្រឡាក់ហ្នឹងបន្ទាប់ពីពាក់ហើយ រឺក៏ទុកចានប្រឡាក់អោយចំកន្លែងលាងចានបន្ទាប់ពីញុំាហើយ។ ប៉ុណ្ណឹងមានអីទៅពិបាក!

កុំរអ៊ូថាមនុស្សស្រីសុីពេលយូរពេលរៀបចំខ្លួនម្តងៗ៖ បើអ្នកចង់អោយមានមនុស្សស្រីស្អាតដើរជិតអ្នក រឺ រួមដំណើរជាមួយអ្នក។ មនុស្សប្រុសក៏មិនចង់បានមនុស្សស្រីដែលសំពីងសំពោងដែរ ចឹងផ្តល់ពេលវេលាអោយនាងបន្តិចទៅ ដោយគ្រាន់តែប្រាប់នាងពីម៉ោងដែលត្រូវចេញដំណើរទៅ ចប់បាត់ហើយ។

កុំរអ៊ូថាហេតុអ្វីប្រពន្ធរបស់អ្នកលែងធ្វើខ្លួនអស់បន្ទាប់ពីមានកូន៖ បើអ្នកគ្រាន់តែងើបឡើង ស្លៀកពាក់តែខ្លួនឯងទេ មានន័យថាអ្នកមិនបានជួយនាងរែកពន់ទំនួលខុសត្រូវក្នុងនាមជាប្តីទេ ហើយក៏មិនបានចាត់ទុកនាងដូចព្រះនាងដូចពីមុនដែរ។

កុំនិយាយថា ’បងជាមនុស្សប្រុស’ (ព្រោះតែអ្នកមិនអាចរកអ្វី រឺ ធ្វើអ្វីក្នុងផ្ទះបាន) បើសិនជាអ្នកមិនចឹងលឺពាក្យដ៏ហូរហៀរគួរអោយធុញទ្រាន់របស់នាង (ពីព្រោះនាងគឺជាមនុស្សស្រី)។

កុំនិយាយថា មនុស្សស្រីមិនធ្វើអីសោះនៅតែផ្ទះ បើសិនអ្នកមិនបានជួយដាំស្ល រឺ សម្អាតផ្ទះ។ យ៉ាងហោចណាស់ នាងមិនបានអោយអ្នករកលុយមកបង់ថ្លៃកំលាំងពលកម្មនាងសម្រាប់ការងារផ្ទះទាំងអស់នោះទេ រួមទាំងការមើលថែកូន។

សូមមេត្តាមានភាពស្មោះត្រង់តាំងពីដំបូង! កុំនិយាយថា អ្នកស្រលាញ់នាង បើអ្នកមានបំណង រឺកំពុងមានអ្នកថ្មីទៀត។ ប្រសិនជាអ្នកមានអ្នកថ្មី បញ្ចប់កុងត្រាទំនាក់ទំនង រឺ កុងត្រាអាពាហ៍ពិពាហ៍ជាមុនសិន មុននឹងចាប់ផ្តើមថ្មី។

កុំនិយាយថាមនុស្សស្រីចេះដឹងមើលងាយមនុស្សប្រុសដែលមិនមាន រឺ មានចំណេះដឹងទាប។ វាមិនពិតទេ ប្រសិនជាអ្នកមានសមត្ថភាព និង មានទំនួលខុសត្រូវចំពោះនាង រឺ គ្រួសារ។

កុំនិយាយថាប្រពន្ធផ្លាស់ប្តូរ សូម្បីតែរូបរាងដែរ បន្ទាប់ពីមានកូន។ ខាំក្នុងចិត្តថា អ្នកគឺជាមូលហេតុ។