Shocking truth about homemade cocktail creams/lotions

In my earlier post, I mentioned about my favourite serums I usually call it as cocktail serums, which can mixed 2 or 3 together to achieve maximum result. Honestly, depending on the day, I either apply one after another or simply mix on palms or fingertips then tap straight into my face. If you wantContinue reading “Shocking truth about homemade cocktail creams/lotions”

Why do Cambodian people like romantic songs???

It may sound weird as it’s natural for people to listen to romantic songs – and of course it’s not only just for Cambodian people. What I’m trying to say is the themes of most Khmer romantic songs are usually sad though it’s all about love, grief, joy, reverence and fondness (compared to English songs).Continue reading “Why do Cambodian people like romantic songs???”

Why does Male Brazilian treatment cost more than Female Brazilian?

This question pops up to me when I advise male clients for their Brazilian prices. It’s pretty shocking compared female Brazilian price. For example, if female Brazilian costs $59, male Brazilian might cost around $159 – yeah, triple price. And what are the reasons why behind this??? No exact company policy that I know ofContinue reading “Why does Male Brazilian treatment cost more than Female Brazilian?”

Bamboo Shoot Myths

‘Don’t eat bamboo shoot because it will cause dangerous disease’ ‘Don’t consume bamboo shoot! It will make the wounds worse.’ ‘It’s definitely a NO for pregnant women.’ Since I was growing up, the myths around bamboo shoot become so popular. I also bet it remains till now. I love eating bamboo shoot (but not pickledContinue reading “Bamboo Shoot Myths”

TEMPLE and PAGODA differences

These two words are the common words for people from Asia, particularly Cambodia and Vietnam. They mean similarly almost the same but refer to different things. In the straight meaning, temple is explained as a building devoted to worship of god while pagoda means a Hindu or Buddhist temple, typically in the form of manyContinue reading “TEMPLE and PAGODA differences”

Kick 2020 out and welcome 2021

I know 2020 has really reaalllyyy a tough year for everyone. Some people lost their jobs, loved ones and businesses have crawled so hardly. It’s not the year that we want to face – the most depressing year ever!!!! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been through this – losing my dad duringContinue reading “Kick 2020 out and welcome 2021”

How much painful will you expect to tolerate when deciding to do laser treatment?

I get this common question a lot from those who have never done laser. Though some clients may have experienced doing waxing before, they are still kind of getting nervous about getting laser done. And of course, some clients are getting sweat before the treatment starts. Well, to some clients, the word ‘laser’ itself soundsContinue reading “How much painful will you expect to tolerate when deciding to do laser treatment?”

Breast implants and breastfeeding

It’s quite a popular but controversial topic of having a nice pair of breast (with breast implants) and decision to breastfeed after birth. A number of women with cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation, is sought after in USA, Brazil and China. In Australia in 2017, it was approximately 20,000 women underwent the breast augmentation. CanContinue reading “Breast implants and breastfeeding”