My name is Zavinna, and the name of this blog is one of my nickname Vinnie. This blog is created to show what’s on my mind on everything toward beauty and being lady; that’s also how I ended up picking Vinnie the dainty for this blog.

The first thing I come up with the blog is because I notice a number of Khmer ladies now are gradually interested in beauty and I’d like to add the knowledge, skills and experiences I have in beauty to empower and support them more through getting advantages from discussions and what I have posted this blog. With and through beauty, I’d like to use this blog to overcome the mistakenly old-tradition perceptions over ladies supporting with empowered messages. This blog is not only just for Khmer ladies, but also other readers – in every gender, every culture and every age gap – who have read my posts. Through my writings in each posts, I believe you learn a bit of pieces from my posts and make a little change. I am positive that the goodness will spread.

You all are most welcome to read, comment and give me feedback in any of both languages (English and Khmer) for what I can improve or what I can do next. I’m open for any constructive feedback. Trust me, I’m also learning from you!

Lots of love to you, all!


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