My curly hair journey

Being born with beautifully shining straight hair was awesome, and even felt best knowing I was taking after my dad for having this hair, but imagine if you woke up with curly hairs after having your first puberty knowing you change to your mum’s look (I mean the hair). What would be feel for a sudden change? It was quite disappointed to me at first and for a while.

Growing up with my curly hair, I have never known how curly my hair would be, or appreciated how beautiful the curls are. I’ve been on hair strengthening treatments since the first blow-dry techniques up to permanent (chemical) hair straightening treatments for many times over the past 10 years. Due to the beauty double standards back at the time I grew up, curly hair wasn’t on the list, and as of now, I’m still questioning myself for this standard as an Cambodian (Asian) woman. I don’t either see many Cambodian girls or women with curly hairs, or movement toward embracing curly hairs yet. Hair straightening treatments are still booming over there, even my mum is still having this treatment on and off. However, I hope the below questions and answers helps to reach out to those who want to make a change for better – BRING YOUR CURLY BACK!!!

1. What motivated me to embrace my curls? The first reason I started to bring my curls back was due to lockdown. THANK TO LOCKDOWNS!!! They have been worst for all of us, but for some reasons, I had opportunities to discover to my true self and that’s my CURLY hair. There was no hairdressers available, and I couldn’t keep having consistent treatments. The second reason was joining a group with curly girls called CGM group introducing by one of my clients who has been following this technique for a while. It’s been really impressive and supportive group which advise and motivate girls and women with wavy, coily or curly hairs to go on their curly journeys. The last reason is due to my hair fall. I mean a large amount of hair fall which started to thin my hair so curly hair is the best style that suits me.

2. What can you do to keep your hair healthy and curly (wavy or coily)? There are a number of techniques out there to follow, including CGM, but what I’m suggesting is keeping it simple. Hair is just like skin – you need to WASH, CONDITION, MOISTURISE, and PROTECT it.

3. Talking about CGM earlier, what is CGM? Let’s talk briefly about CGM! It stands for Curly Girl Methods and is an approach to hair care and certain hair product uses by Lorraine Massey for natural hairs (wavy, coily and curly hairs) by avoiding using shampoo and any harmful chemicals including ingredients and treatments.

4. Does CGM work for me? Honestly, getting to know the curls is such a complicated thing. The result varies from person to person and not everyone agrees to it. I’m still in the progress of experimenting this, and it partially works for me. Lots of curly girls love this methods, but some people say it’s quite costly due to certain product uses, but I’ll see how I go with it. Of course, there will be a to-be-continued post of my ongoing journey.

5. How do I feel now about my curls? I can say I feel more confident than any other time for having this though there are ups and downs about it. Admittedly, it wasn’t easy to revive dead hairs, but with persistence, maintenance, consistency and patience, I strongly believe it will happen. As I am in the progress of reviving it, I’m proud to have my beautiful curly hair that suits me than thin straight hairs.

6. How do I feel about the difference between curly and straight hair? Generally speaking, the straight hairs don’t need much maintenance, much products, and have less frizz – let’s say you can easily style your hair. To some certain culturally beauty double standard, people are classified as being gentle, elegant and professional. In contrast to curly hair, it’s consuming much time and efforts, facing uncontrollable frizz, and requires understanding about hair porosity, the amounts and ingredients of product uses, and environmental effects. The cultural double standard for curly hair could be categorised as being nasty, messy and lazy – and perhaps in a lower class.

Now it’s time to express myself through your look. It’s time to break this sort of beauty double standard. It’s time to love and feel myself for whoever I am. Curly hair can now be a gentle, professional and beautiful as others. My body, my choice! My curly hair, my expression!

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Having migrated to Australia since 2013, I realized that I tend to love about beauty and decided to pick it as my skill and career. It now becomes the skill for life, the skill I have learned, worked, experienced and passionate about and I would love to use this blog as the means to share, educate and support Khmer ladies and all types of readers.

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