Shocking truth about homemade cocktail creams/lotions

In my earlier post, I mentioned about my favourite serums I usually call it as cocktail serums, which can mixed 2 or 3 together to achieve maximum result. Honestly, depending on the day, I either apply one after another or simply mix on palms or fingertips then tap straight into my face. If you want to read more detail, you can click on the link attached to my cocktail serum. With the cream itself – either for face for body, I simply use the moisturised one and not for any whitening cream at all. It’s quite tricky because scientifically you cannot just mix anything together, especially active with the active ingredients; otherwise the effectiveness won’t work, just like a positive-and-positive magnets and side effects may happen.

Credit to Ejollify

I also remember when I grew up in my teen. Whitewash concept (back in Cambodia) was growing so high and so was the popularity of mixing creams. It wasn’t only just us Khmer, but other neighbour countries like Thailand and Vietnam or other parts of Asia, whom we got influences from were also doing those homemade creams. To maximise the result (either anti-wrinkle, pigment, acne, scarring, or whitening), they simply mix anything (any creams) – just like a man who might need 10-in-one shampoo for his everything. Yeah, surprisingly I mean ANYTHING!!!! As of now, it phenomenally won’t stop there yet. Thus, I’m going to express my thoughts for what I have read and watched about homemade cocktail lotions that some minor Khmer groups made, along with pictures below.

Above pictures are the ingredients a member in Facebook group called THE WOMAN made her homemade cocktail lotions. As you can see some ingredients posted in there, she included CLARINS Double Serum, Lifespring – Placenta Marine Plus, Mosbeau – Placenta White, and Redwin Vitamin E cream (as only shown by a member). The only one good thing I like about this mix is she included CLARINS serum and Mosbeau – Placenta White. And why??? It’s because these two products contains good ingredients I like (not that I use those products) and with these one serum and one cream, they go well together. Well, I admit that I’m not the ingredients expert or specialist either. All I know of is there is no Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates (SLS), or Silicone ingredients in there.

First, I’m also wondering why would some minor groups waste so much of money to buy mix of the (expensive) products. That’s way too much!!! Second, other products that she mixed in contain Parabens and Silicone, and possibly bad ingredients we wouldn’t know of. If you mix with just one bad ingredients, it won’t be a good one – just like a bad egg mixing in 9 good eggs to make dessert. I also wouldn’t use two or three creams on my face – definitely only one for eyes and one for face, but not 2 or 3 creams at once. The worst thing I don’t like about is that she applied it for both face and body and you know that face skin is more sensitive than body skin. I know people obviously see the whitening, glowing result quickly, but that’s also how they harm their skin too. Over time of using it, the skin will surely turn to be sensitive, allergic and potentially link to cancer. Last, they are living in a place where it has NO four seasons or cold weather at all; it’s totally sunny all year round. No matter how much sunscreen you put on, your skin wearing that mixing cream can’t tolerate with external environments. Imagine how suffering the skin could go. This is a 5% yes and 95% no for me.

Now let’s have a look at another homemade lotion. It was posted in a clip video, and I just did a screen shot to show you as pictures. I admit that this is a BIG NO NO!!! Please DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!! The shocking truth about this cocktail lotion trick is 15 (ready-to-use) products in one PLASTIC big bowl – not a metal one – mixing like a dessert making. OMG!!! After watching this, I wouldn’t need to list the ingredients down here at all. It’s AWFULLY too much. She put serums, ampoules, light creams, and heavy creams – mostly contain Parabens, Silicones and other harmful ingredients. They all whitening products which she addressed the quicker result to be seen. However, the funny thing about this clip is she talked about the thickening consistency of her lotion, just as we do in our cooking. This is also an impressive marketing strategies for certain minor groups. Unbelievable and speechless!

Well, in short, I wouldn’t be too surprised with all sort of these stuff as it’s what I grew up and knew about it, but what really shocked me is the money, the effort and time they made this just to take risks having white skin and spread it widely on social media. Again, this is not a common truth for all Khmer people and I’m just eager to share you all what I’m thinking about certain things. Let me know in the comment if there are any other parts of the world that might do the same or similar.

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