Flowers give me strength

Since lockdowns become a popular key word during Covid-19 seasons, it strucks everyone down. In Australia, a place where I am living in and trying to endure with current 6 long and short lockdowns (since 2020), I have drastically changed my duties – from a full time worker to full time mum. Homeschooling kid is hardest part for me, but huge thanks to the teacher who help assisting online (and I’m still struggling pulling kid to do homework.).

My daughter in the second long lockdown last year

I need to learn with her, do homework with her and even physical exercise at home with her – just do everything with her on 24/7 everyday. Thank god – I’ve got just one kid. I couldn’t imagine if I had 2 or 3 kids. Big shout out to all mums with 2 or more kids!!!

Flower in my yard last summer

Now, here in winter – too cold to enjoy life outdoor and no much flowers to refresh either. Looking back to photos of nature we went last summer or back in tropical country where I grew up in made me homesick and reminded me of my dad whom I lost last year.

Too cute to eat these

Anyway, forget about the stress and the past, I hope these colourfully several photos help to sooth you mentally through these tough times, just like they do to me. Don’t forget you are not alone to feel emotionally down but learn to embrace yourself through things that you believe it can make you feel better.

Stay safe and take care, everyone!

Published by vinniethedainty

Having migrated to Australia since 2013, I realized that I tend to love about beauty and decided to pick it as my skill and career. It now becomes the skill for life, the skill I have learned, worked, experienced and passionate about and I would love to use this blog as the means to share, educate and support Khmer ladies and all types of readers.

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