Kick 2020 out and welcome 2021

I know 2020 has really reaalllyyy a tough year for everyone. Some people lost their jobs, loved ones and businesses have crawled so hardly. It’s not the year that we want to face – the most depressing year ever!!!! I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been through this – losing my dad during pandemic (not because of Corona virus) , unable to attend his funeral or giving him a hug for final goodbye, and getting stuck in the longest lockdown state ever.


Thankfully we are allowed to be out for new year celebration safely though it’s not like a normal festive one. At least I am able to travel local away from quiet city to take deep breaths with fresh air with nature. Now we all are looking for better and nicer things ahead. I wish you all the best – better dream and plans, being nicer to yourself and others and all positive things happen to you!

Published by vinniethedainty

Having migrated to Australia since 2013, I realized that I tend to love about beauty and decided to pick it as my skill and career. It now becomes the skill for life, the skill I have learned, worked, experienced and passionate about and I would love to use this blog as the means to share, educate and support Khmer ladies and all types of readers.

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